DVR (4, 8, 16, 24 e 32)

- What's the program I use for remote access via mobile?

The Zmeye, Vmeye, Super Meye, programs varies according to the DVR.

- Has input for pen drive?

Yes, DVRs have entry to a pen drive or any device that has a USB connection.

- Which model / type of HD use?

Sata HD.

Kit Locator TX1000

- How far I can find a cable?

Up to 100 meters it locates the desired cable.

PABX 208

- Its identify calls?


- How to pull a specific line?

18 (Line 1) and 19 (Line 2).

- Supports digital line?

No, just an analog line.

PABX (308, 408 e 416)

- Supports digital line?

Yes, digital and analog.

- Has self-service function?

Yes, through the programming mode.

- I can put a line for each extension?

Yes, through the programming mode.

- How to pull a specific line?

Through the path # 1 (Line 1), # 2 (Line 2) and so on.

- It has caller ID?

Yes, FSK / DTMF.

Patch Panel

- I can make the crimp using the T568A or T568B sequence?

Yes, the Patch Panel will with a label color to be made ​​crimp in any way.

Air Humidifier

- League but are not fog, what can be?

When you put water in the base and in the cup, the unit does not work, you should just put water in the cup air humidifier.

Door Camera W/B

- Can I put an extension audio?

Yes, Multitoc already sells a range of own audio to the model.

- Do not open the lock, which can be?

Check the distance and wire gauge used (0.64 mm up to 30 meters, 50 meters for up to 1 mm and 1.5 mm for up to 100 meters).

Door Camera White Plus, Elite and Compact

- Its place an audio extension?

No, to the extent these models is only made with another internal drive, ie with only audio and video.

- My phone rings too low, what can be?

Check the volume behind the indoor and outdoor unit and also check the connection of the handset.

- How many internal and external drives does it support?

supports up to 5 internal drives and 2 external.


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